DeWitt/Piatt COVID Update - July 6, 2020
January 16, 2021

Greetings all:


DeWitt/Piatt Testing Update:



7/6/2020 Total Tested: 2954

DeWitt: 1062-------------1050 Not Detected, 0 Pending, 7 Recovered, 5 Positive

Piatt: 1892----------1872 Not Detected, 0 Pending, 18 Recovered, 2 Positive


2 new cases in DeWitt co. reported Friday.

  • A 19 year old female and a 21 year old female of the same household in the city of Clinton. No local community exposures were noted. They were exposed on vacation and had been on isolation at home since their return. They traveled to a state that is having a high spike in cases. The household contacts and close contacts have received testing. One of the cases met their isolation obligation over the weekend. Since the other case is still on isolation, the household remains quarantined due to the potential for ongoing exposures within the home.

3 new cases in DeWitt co. reported Saturday.

  • 2 are household contacts of a confirmed case that was reported on 6/30/2020. They are a 44 year old male and a 5 year old female. The household contacts initially received negative test results when the confirmed case received their positive result, but then retested 4 days later due to the ongoing exposure in the household and received positive results. No other close contacts have been reported from the 2 new cases due to being on quarantine from the initial case.  The initial case reported 6/30/2020 was potentially exposed from travel, outside of the DeWitt-Piatt jurisdiction, working for Syngenta ASI. The contacts for the case reported on 6/30 have been notified by the LHD and their employer. No other positives have resulted from the initial case.
  • The 3rd new case from Saturday is a 27 year old male in Farmer City, isolated at home due to close contact with a confirmed case. Signs and symptoms are improving.

No new cases reported Sunday or today.



The surge of cases is most likely due to travel outside of the DeWitt-Piatt jurisdiction, along with an increase of testing within the community.  The more tests that are completed, the more likely it is to find the infected individuals. It is highly recommended that individuals where a mask when they cannot maintain social distance and when going in to public areas. Remember, the mask/face covering protects others by preventing the transmission of potentially infectious secretions from your nose or mouth while talking, laughing, sneezing, coughing, etc. The state has not set a requirement for travelers to be tested upon returning from highly infected areas, but it is recommend. Most importantly, if you feel sick; stay home and contact your primary care physician for their recommendation.


As noted earlier, the cases we are seeing are following a trend we are seeing statewide and nationally:  More cases are occurring among younger and healthier age groups.  Typically, these individuals recover well with mild signs/symptoms.  As of today, we still have had no hospitalizations or deaths.


State Summary:


The report received today from the IDPH announced a total of 147,865 cases of the disease (an increase of 3852 since my last update on July 1) and a total of 7026 deaths (an increase of just 75 deaths since my last update on July 1).  The positivity rate remains at 2.6 percent.


I apologize for not having posted this on our website recently.  We have had trouble with our internet service and are now working with a new provider.