DeWitt/Piatt Local COVID-19 Weekly Testing Update
December 02, 2020

                                     6/17/2020 Total Tested: (77) 1817

DeWitt: (26) 776---------771 Not Detected, 1 Pending, 4 Recovered, 0 Positive

Piatt: (51) 1041----------1027 Not Detected, 0 Pending, 10 Recovered, 4 Positive


Today the state reported just 546 new additional cases after testing nearly 30,000 individuals in the last 24 hours, a positivity rate of just 1.8 percent.  Although this is only a daily snapshot, it reflects a continued downward trend overall.


In the last 24 hours however, we have had 4 new cases in Piatt County residents, 3 females age 26, age 50, and age 64; and a male age 25 (a household contact of another case from yesterday).  This brings our Piatt Co. case numbers to a total of 14.  We remain at 4 cases in DeWitt County.  These new cases and their close contacts will be monitored daily.  Three of the four cases experienced either no or very mild symptoms. The fourth individual has a fever.