DeWitt/Piatt Weekly COVID-19 Update: 6/23/2020
December 05, 2020

State Update – Graphically


Looking at it graphically, you can see better that we are on the other side of the curve now, following a continued downward trend.  55% of the deaths in IL are associated with Long Term Care Facilities (LTC).

Phase 4 Guidance has been released (as of 6/22/2020).  It is expected that all Regions will enter Phase 4 on June 26.  The Director of IDPH noted yesterday in remarks that Phase 4 is expected to be the longest, lasting until there is a vaccine or cure.

full guidance can also be found at:




DeWitt/Piatt Update:


6/22/2020 Total Tested: 1969

DeWitt: 825---------821 Not Detected, 0 Pending, 4 Recovered, 0 Positive

Piatt: 1144 ---------- 1127 Not Detected, 0 Pending, 12 Recovered, 4 Positive


1 case was reported recently in Piatt Co. We received notice of this case on Monday June 22 (37 year old male), bringing our totals to 20 cases (16 in Piatt Co, 4 in DeWitt Co.).


Over the past week, there have been 278 tests completed.  Six new cases were detected this past week, all in Piatt Co.  Four of those new cases were affiliated with a birthday party held in a Piatt Co household for an individual who was taken from an assisted living facility in Savoy.

All of the 20 cases had mild symptoms.  There have been 0 hospitalizations and 0 deaths.

Long Term Care facilities have started to implement COVID-19 testing on all residents and staff members in the bi-county jurisdiction.  The request for testing and testing supplies is processed through Illinois Department of Public Health.