News Release: Health Dept Issues COVID-19 Guidance for Cases/Suspected Contacts
December 02, 2020

Health Department issues COVID-19 Guidance for Cases/Suspected Contacts


Clinton, IL – local health officials are releasing information to help guide residents while they wait for contact tracing efforts to begin due to a lag in case reporting.


“We seem to be getting a lot of calls from area residents related to contact tracing efforts of our agency.  Our contact tracing efforts are keeping up with cases, but often there is a lag in the reporting from testing centers around us.  We can’t begin contact tracing until we have a case report,” said Dave Remmert, the administrator for the Health Department. 


In the meantime, the Health Department is advising all cases to isolate at home and for all suspected contacts to quarantine at home while waiting for contact tracing efforts to begin.  The Health Department has noted that they will be in contact.  “There is no need to call us,” Remmert said, “we will be in contact as the test results work into the system.”


Cases are spiking significantly locally and statewide.  The Health Department advises to please remember to wash your hands frequently; watch your distance; and wear a mask while in public.  Protect vulnerable populations and please refrain from attending or hosting events.  Remmert notes, “We are seeing a great number of cases and contacts in area residents stemming from birthday parties and a recent wedding.  Now is not the time for these sorts of events.  In each circumstance, we’ve had cases that had as many as 30 people named as close contacts who were forced into quarantine.”


The most recent report from the Health Department has noted the highest number of cases reported in a single week since the disease began in January 2020.