Opening or Remodeling a Food Services Establishment

Opening or Remodeling a Food Services Establishment

Opening or Remodeling a Food Services Establishment

Guidelines for Opening or Remodeling a Food Service Establishment and/or Tavern within Dewitt or Piatt Counties


The State of Illinois requires that any establishment where food or liquid is prepared and intended for human consumption complies with regulations pertaining to the issuance of food permits through the local public health department. Such processes allow our agency to provide crucial services pertaining to safe food handling practices including routine inspections, plan reviews, and education to facility owners, managers and staff.


To successfully open or remodel a food service establishment or tavern in DeWitt or Piatt County, the following guidelines need to be followed. A permit to operate will not be granted until all of the following items are properly submitted and approved by the Health Department.


  • A Plan Review Application must be completed and returned to the health department. If any portion of the application is not complete, it will be returned to the applicant.
  • Properly prepared plans which include equipment information, equipment layout, floor plan, construction materials, and room surface finishes must be submitted to and approved by this department prior to the work beginning.
  • An application for a permit to operate a permanent food service establishment must be submitted.
  • The appropriate food permit fee must be paid.
  • An opening inspection must be done by a representative of the Health Department.


Contact the health department early in the planning process so that proper guidance can be provided to assure that all aspects of the food service facility are in compliance with the State of Illinois Food Code. Since plumbing is a code enforced utility, the State of Illinois Plumbing Inspector must also be notified prior to construction. Cooperation with the DeWitt-Piatt Bi-County Health Department and the State of Illinois Plumbing inspector is crucial in preventing unnecessary corrections during the construction process.



Environmental Health Department                                        

Phone: (217)935-3427 or





State of Illinois Plumbing Inspector - Champaign Region

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