Requirements for Obtaining a Temporary Food Permit

Requirements for Obtaining a Temporary Food Permit

Requirements for Obtaining a Temporary Food Permit

“Temporary Food Service Establishment” means:


        (a) A food establishment that is permitted by a Health Department to operate in a temporary manner in conjunction with single events or celebrations.

        (b) An operation that is conducted in a temporary facility or location; where food is prepared and intended for individual portion consumption, whether consumption is on or off the premise; and whether or not there is a charge for the food.


“Temporary Food Service Establishment” does not include:


        (a) A private home where food is prepared and/or served for private family, religious, or charitable functions where the public is not invited or allowed.

        (b) A church, community center, or other place of gathering where food is prepared and served only for private family, religious or charitable functions to which the public(other than members of the organization) is not invited.

        (c) A produce stand that offers only whole, uncut fresh fruits and vegetables

        (d) A temporary establishment that offers only commercially prepared and packaged foods that are not potentially hazardous and require no preparation or handling.


  • In order to sell or give away food at a temporary event, vendors must obtain a Temporary Event Food Service Permit in advance of opening for business. Contact the Health Department which has jurisdiction over the city or area where the event will take place. Applications for the permit, along with any applicable fee, should be received at least 14 days prior to the event.


    • Permits are required for existing restaurants, caterers, churches, community and social organizations, volunteer and non profit organizations, schools, government agencies, and anyone else who wish to serve food at a temporary event.


      • An adequate demonstration of food safety knowledge, as determined by the Health Department, is necessary in order to obtain a permit. A permit may be revoked if an operator does not comply with health department regulations. Permits are not transferable. A valid permit must be posted in every temporary food service establishment.


A complete Temporary Food Permit Application and information packet are available at either Health Department Office or click  TEMPORARY APPLICATION.pdf