Permitting and Inspection FAQs

Permitting and Inspection FAQs

Permitting and Inspection FAQs

When is a permit application required?


A permit application is required when the septic tank is replaced or where a major component of the system is removed or added. Examples of major components include the following: replacement or addition of an aeration unit, seepage bed, seepage pit, chamber field, or waste stabilization pond.

A permit application is also required to be submitted to our agency when the size of the absorption field is increased by 25% or more or where 25% or more of the existing absorption field is removed and replaced with new piping and backfill material.


Where do I find a the application for permit?


Go to our resources page, where you can view all of our forms, or click here to open the permit application.


How long does it take to find out if the application is approved or denied?


A sanitarian should contact you no later than 5 working days after the permit application is submitted.


How much does the permit cost?


$150 for complete replacement or new installation

$75 for a repair of less than or equal to 50% of the existing system


What is required once the application is approved?


A sanitarian from the department is required to inspect the system before it is backfilled. 48 hour notice should be given to the department in order to assure sanitarian availability. The sanitarian has the right deny system approval if any part of the system is covered upon inspection or if any deficiencies in the system are found.

If any changes are made to the proposed system during installation, the department should be notified immediately.