COVID UPDATE 1/19/22 - 1/25/22

January 26, 2022

COVID UPDATE 1/19/22 - 1/25/22

January 26, 2022

01/26/2022 Currently Active: 396



606 cases reported


Total overall:

County    Tested     Cases    Deaths

DeWitt    57,749    4,015      33

 Piatt        62,977    4,011      19


^Data Last Updated: 1/25/2022


Most recent Guidelines for Isolation and Quarantine are found here:


Release letters from Contact Tracing:

A “release letter” that lets employers/schools know that an individual has completed their quarantine or isolation will no longer be offered by local health departments. Letters would need to be obtained from the IDPH Surge Center.


All COVID-19 cases reported by a testing facility will receive a text message from the Illinois Department of Public Health Surge Center requesting the case to call (312)777-1999.  Please, do not call the phone number until you have received the message.  If you receive a positive test result and do not receive a message, contact the facility from which you received your COVID-19 test for more guidance.  Reported cases do not include home tests results at this time.